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2018 Holiday Greetings from Lari

This was a year of big change for me. In April, moved from my Pearl City house to a 2-bedroom condo in Honolulu. It was a huge job downsizing from my 5-bedroom, 3-bath, 10-closet house where we lived for almost 50 years.    My new address: 1325 Wilder Ave #9 in Honolulu, HI 96822.  Email:


Willy & Sue Okimoto invited me over for a farewell dinner with my neighbors, Flora Nohara and Lisa & Wayne Shibata. Chef Willy cooked a delicious dinner for us! I miss my wonderful Pearl City neighbors. Houdini misses me and I miss him since moving to town.



Houdini & me

But now I save on time, gas and mileage on my car because everything is so close and convenient being in town. I leased my first luxury car, a Q5 Audi SUV. I am still learning how to use all the high-tech computer features on 2 screens.


John Ohtani from Audi delivered my new Q5

In January, I went to Tuscany with Leanda Santos, and since it was her first time in New York, we toured a few sites in NY city before and after going to Italy, staying with Yvette and family in Battery Park City.


Leanda & I enjoyed Cinque Terre in Italy

Then in early April, I took Yvette, Erik, Noakai and Marlowe to Osaka, Nara and Kyoto.


Riding rickshaws in Arashiyama bamboo forest

When I returned home from Japan, Garrett Mozolic and his brothers of Mo Movers moved me into the condo. I didn’t finish settling into my condo and flew off to meet Mary Ann Kadooka in Barcelona. After Spain, with help from a few friends, I got my apartment all arranged and organized with paintings hung, and cabinets and closets filled.


In May, (I’m a Taurus) friends and family celebrated my 75th birthday with 4 parties!

Party #2 at Sunrise

Party #2 at Sunrise

Most of the summer, I stayed home. Yvette and Marlowe came to stay with me (in my condo for the first time) in July. Noakai and Erik couldn’t make it to Hawaii this year.  In August, I flew to New York and took Noakai on a 12-day tour of Norway which included a cruise up the coast to the Arctic Circle.


My son Ryan, Kara, Jensen, Madi and Allysen moved from Mililani to Salt Lake to live with Kara’s mom, Kathy Iwao. Jensen is finishing his senior year at Mililani HS, Madi started 9th grade at Moanalua HS and Ally is at Salt Lake Elementary. Ryan is especially happy to have a short drive to Pearl Harbor Shipyard. In September, we celebrated Ryan’s 50th birthday and Ally’s 9th birthday at Hilton Hawaiian Village for the weekend.


In October my sister Christine and brother Bruce met me in Tokyo, and we flew to Kumamoto on the southern island of Kyushu to visit my mother’s Hokada relatives. My cousin Fred and family and my nephew Kazu with 2 daughters joined us there. We all had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know our Hokada cousins’ families, who entertained us royally. We scattered some of Sue and Kongo’s ashes at the Hokada gravesite. Fred’s wife Fumiko (from Nagoya) translated for us so we could communicate with our Kumamoto relatives.



Hokada relatives in Kumamoto made a fabulous dinner for us in their beautiful home.

Then Fred left and cousin Elvis Kimura came to meet us and Kazu drove 7 of us in a van to Kurokawa onsen  village and Yufuin onsen town along the way and finally to Oshima Island in Yamaguchi Prefecture. We visited Okabatake family (our Kimura relatives) and visited the Kimura grave, where we scattered more of Sue and Kongo’s ashes. They hired a translator to help us communicate. Okabatakes have a large orange grove and let us pick tangerines, which we took with us for the remainder of our trip back to Tokyo.


It was Bruce’s first time to Japan, and Christine’s second time. We did some site seeing in Tokyo before returning home. 

At Halloween, I visited different friends, house-hopping in the Bay Area. For Thanksgiving, I stayed at Aronesty’s home in Manhattan Beach, LA with Yvette, Erik, Noakai and Marlowe who flew in from New York.

My “townie” life in Honolulu is very busy with all kinds of activities! Theater, luncheons, dinners, festivals, movies, Apple Store classes, Red-Light therapy, facials, massages, pedicures, karaoke bars, farmer’s markets, and more.

I am on the Wilder Tower condo Board and attend meetings concerning our condo. I am an “Okinawan at Heart” member of the Itoman Club and help plan their activities. I still work part time for Chinen&Arinaga Financial Group.

In October, I attended the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival for 5 days at various venues around town. It was exciting to meet many celebrity chefs at their booths. I am a member of Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) and in November, I was at Dole Regal theaters for 10 days and saw 36 movies using my festival pass. On Veterans’ Day, I loved the fantastic Bruno Mars concert at Aloha Stadium with 30,000 of my closest friends.

To all my friends and families, may you have a wonderful and blessed holiday season! For more details about my trips, please read my travel blog by scrolling down on this page or clicking the archives on the left side.

Love and aloha, Lari

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23 responses to “Lari’s 2018 Christmas News

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  1. Lucky world traveler you are. Happy Holidays to you & Family.

  2. So happy for you Lari..have a Merry Christmas and may you continue to enjoy the New Year💕love you..Luci & Lee

  3. Sounds like a great year and good life! Happy holidays!!

  4. Love your newsletter ❣️ Scott & I want to wish you a very enjoyable and safe Holiday season with Friends and Family❣️🌲☃️

  5. Lari, you are truly a world traveler. I don’t think I could do what you do! Looking forward to seeing you in January 2019, will get Jane here when you come so we can talk story!! Have a very Merry Christmas and Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Malama Pono! Nani and Reto

  6. Wonderful Lari- Merry Christmas and love from Tom N Tyke

  7. Happy Holidays Lari. You are successfully thriving and making the most of your leisure time. Have a great 2019 as well.

    Al and Jane Nakatani

  8. Lari, Happy holidays and enjoy your travels in 2019. Hope to see you at our Pahoa HS reunion in September at Las Vegas. Aloha, Norm

  9. Love all of your blogs! When you travel and post, I feel I was almost there with you and company. Thank you for sharing your life and goings-on. Have the best holiday season and be well!! Hugs and lotsa love!!

  10. What a year! Need to get together in 2019!

    Kathryn Matayoshi
  11. Thank you for sharing, How quickly the years go by. Have fun and enjoy city life. Happy Holidays.

    Beverly A Gotelli
  12. Lari – Wishing you much joy and happiness during this holiday season. Always great talking to you. Take care. Michael

    Michael A.T. Maeda
  13. Happy holidays Lari! We just love reading about your travels around the world. Doug and I went to Spain and Portugal in April and had a wonderful time. Next year we will travel to Australia and New Zealand. God bless and take. Doug and Marilyn

    • Hi Doug and Marilyn, Long time no see! Do you still go to volleyball games? I didn’t go to any Wahine games this season, although I did go last season to a couple. I only went to New Zealand, but still haven’t been to Australia… it’s on my bucket list. Be sure to read my NZ blog. It’s under archives on the left and under Pacific:

  14. I think the move, while long anticipated, is a great one! I know you will enjoy all the conveniences of being so close to all of your many activities! Wonderful that you are having such quality time making fabulous memories with family and friends!

  15. Loved reading your newsy Christmas letter. Wish we could do this but have many relatives and friends which are not on the computer at all so must mail the old fashion way. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Aloha Teri & Mike

  16. Lari, so, did everyone list their top TEN, things from the Japan trip?

    I’m a little curious.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and see you next year!


  17. Lari, I can’t keep up with your whirlwind life! You are to commended on how independent you continue to be in retirement! Actually, I think you are more active than when you were teaching!

  18. Best wishes on your new adventure. If you fancy new car doesn’t work out, I’ll swap you with my 1998 Toyota “simple” car until your lease runs out 🙂

  19. HaPpY HoLiDaYs my Friend.🌺 Wishing you many more enjoyable and safe travels! Congratulations on your amazing 2018! Hoping to hang out with you sooner than later. As always, Christine ❤️

  20. Thanks for the lovely Christmas new. Have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. I miss seeing you as a neighbor.

  21. Love reading about your many adventures and travels, Lari. You lead an exciting life.
    The photos are wonderful!
    Have a good Holiday season and
    A healthy, happy new year.

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