First trip to Japan since Covid   14 comments

Our first Japan trip together

Japan finally opened to tourists on Oct 11, so Cliff & I left that very day to fly to Narita via SFO. (United still does not fly to Japan from Hawaii). We arrived in Narita on Thursday, Oct 13th. We exchanged our money at the airport and got very good rates for our yen. We stayed at Ikebukuro Toyoko Inn. We rested for a while and went out to have Kaiten Sushi dinner. Everything is on sale in Japan with the dollar so strong against a weak yen.

In Tokyo we met my friends Seiichi and Sharon Banno for lunch at a very special place, the Classic House at the Akasaka Prince. Cliff took me to Shibuya Sky building overlooking the city and the Shibuya crossing. We went to Ameyokocho to shop and then to Tsukiji. Yumi Ibaramoto took us to Tsukishima Monja street. Monja is similar to okonomiyaki except no pancake batter. Then we went to Kappabashi the kitchen street where Koji (Yumi’s husband) met us and we shopped there. Next to Ueno where we shopped at Matsuzakaya Department store followed by dinner at Ume No Hana, we had a fancy yuba dinner. Yuba is liquid tofu in a square pan that is heated and when the skin forms on the surface, we take turns lifting the skin and dipping it in a sauce to eat. They also served many small fancy dishes.

In Osaka, Cliff’s good friend John Hulaton and his son Michael took us to many wonderful izakayas to eat to our hearts content. One day, we took a train ride to Arashiyama in Kyoto to meet Cliff’s friend, Rod Aratani and his wife Satomi. We enjoyed walking through the bamboo forest and had lunch with them.

We enjoyed our short quick trip to Tokyo and Osaka mostly to eat lots of delicious Japanese food!

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14 responses to “First trip to Japan since Covid

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  1. Lari, Sounds as tho you and Cliff are having many feasts while visiting friends! Are you going to Naoshima and the other Art Islands on this trip? Loved the photos you shared!


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  2. Lari, thanks for sharing your adventures and your great pix. You’ve got me drooling and envious. Can’t wait to feast on genuine Japanese food!!!

  3. Glad you folks are having a great time in Japan. Will have visit that Shibuya Sky Tower next time we go. Take care!

  4. Thank you Lari for sharing your trip. I love how you know where to good grinds are, not matter where you visit!

  5. Thank you for sharing your travel to Japan. Lots to see and do in such a short trip eating and sightseeing through Japan. The yuba sounds like something I would like to try!

    Deborah Ann Taylor
  6. Awesome.

  7. No to the nets on that sky building!!

  8. Love following your adventures and hope to join you sometime ❤️

  9. so awesome you and cliff took off to japan when it open and had yur incredible ono meals and catching up with friends! we cant wait to take our grandkids to tokyo disneyland next year! mahalos for sharing, happy travels , mona and gordon

  10. I enjoyed seeing all of the places you visited – very nice pictures. But my stomach was growling by the time I reached the end. You went to Japan when the climate was perfect. I liked the view that you took of Mt. Fuji – spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Onolicious! Food looks so yummy!

  12. I like your “Soko Ga” style of travelling in Japan. That’s the BEST WAY to travel. Pictures of different areas and food is impressive.

    Your neighbor, Jean (my sister) forwarded your trip picture to me.

  13. Enjoy your postings. Your positive spirit shine through. So happy for you and Cliff! I too have a wonderful companion for my evolving life. Linda has an 22′ travel trailer and we keep it on the road. In our 3rd week for this trip. From our homes in Pinehurst, NC we went to Nashville, Memphis, Paduca, KY, Mississippi, New Orleans and now in FL with my friends. Our final destination is Naples FL to hear the Berlin Philharmonic! Be back to Pinehurst on Friday for Thanksgiving Dinner a day late!😊 Gordon

  14. Luv the photos….thanks for sharing! It’s wonderful that u have been able to travel so extensively my friend.

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