2022 Christmas Newsletter   8 comments

2022: What a year! The world slowly came off Covid restrictions and people could get back to their “normal” life.
Cliff and I took several trips this year. In Feb to Tasmania and Sydney Australia. In May to Arizona to visit friends. In June to NYC for Noakai’s graduation. In Sept we cruised the islands of Croatia. In Oct and Nov we flew to Japan.
High school students were lucky to go back to traditional activities such as proms and graduations. In May Madisen Yasui graduated from Moanalua HS with high honors, Azlyn Hernandez graduated from Punahou in early June. In late June, Cliff and I flew to New York for Noakai Aronesty’s graduation from Stuyvesant HS at the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium. In the fall, Madi went to San Diego State, Azlyn went to UCLA and Noakai went to UCIrvine.
As for myself, I continue my taiko (Japanese drum) lessons, took UH zoom classes, serve as president of our Wilder Tower board, took taichi and zumba classes, go dancing with my brother Bruce, went to Kaimana beach every week to get some vitamin sea, and generally keep busy with friends and family. I don’t know if this is a new career, but I was on YouTube, on KITV, and in a BOH commercial. I leased another blue Audi Q5 which happens to be a plug-in hybrid, which doesn’t use much gas. I am retiring from my part time job at Chinen&Arinaga Financial Group at the end of this year.
Besides our trips together, Cliff and I enjoy beach sunsets, going to theater plays, movies, art museums, jazz concerts and out to dinner/lunch with friends and family. This year we went up to the remote Ossipoff cabin twice. It is high up in the Makakilo mountains where the views are breathtaking and the architecture is amazing.
We wish you an enjoyable holiday season with loved ones and a most wonderful and healthy New Year!
Love & aloha,

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  1. You are an inspiration ! I think I want your life

    Gloria Lane ( from Norway trip)
  2. Thank you for sending the inspirational blog of your trips with Cliff Lari!!
    Makes me think of the days when we too traveled like that!!
    May you – your family and Cliff be blessed with a Wonderful – happy and healthy New Year!!
    Hugs- Liz and Richard

  3. Merry Christmas Lari and Cliff!

  4. We love you, Lari!

  5. Nice XMAS letter Lari! There are so many interesting adventures in your letter, I want to plagiarize it for my dry XMAS letter.

  6. What an exciting year you’ve had!! Keeping busy keeps you young! Gary and I are still traveling, but not as much as you and Cliff!! Going to Portugal in April and taking our family on a cruise to Alaska in June to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Have a great holiday season!!

  7. You are so happily busy, I love it.
    I don’t know how you find enough hours in the day.
    So glad you all are doing well, Lari.
    Lots of love from the Midwest from us,

    Lynn and Anna 🎄❤️

  8. Congratulations on your retirement Lari! You have worked so hard, for so many years… I couldn’t be happier for you!!! BTW – the blue car that matches your hair is stunning!!!!

    Cindy Cindy Angevine

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