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2017 Pahoa HS Reunion in Las Vegas   Leave a comment

2017 September Pahoa Reunion in Las Vegas

Chris and I decided to attend together, so I arrived on Sunday morning and she arrived a couple hours later. We rented a car and drove to Trader Joes first thing! Then we went for a $20 foot massage (which is really a full body massage) and had Vietnamese lunch at my favorite place on Spring Mountain Road-LV Chinatown. We visited my friend Tiger Todd and Elena where they live there are lakes and ponds so we fed the ducks and koi. After that we checked in at the California Hotel. We met Scott and Janis Kinmore and had dinner with them at Honey Salt in Summerlin.

We visited Tiger and Elena and fed the koi and the ducks.

Pan roast at the Oyster Bar!

Monday, we took Janis to massage with us and went shopping afterwards. Back at the hotel we went to the Slot Tournament. For dinner we went to Carrabs with Greg and Tammy Pau and Scott and Janis. Chris, Janis and Tammy are 1969 Pahoa HS classmates. Back at the Cal, we socialized at the Hospitality Suite.
Tuesday we went to Palace Station Oyster Bar with Scott and Janis for brunch. Then we went shopping, and got massages (every day! for $20/hr). After more shopping we hung out at Hospitality Suite before going to our respective Class dinners. So my class of 1961 went to Main Street buffet with classes of ’60 and ’62.

Classmates, Joann, Wayne, me, Daniel and Gloria.

Class of ’60

Wednesday, I took Chris to $5 eyebrow threading on S Rainbow Blvd. In Hawaii, it costs $20! Then we got our massages. We checked out the Bellagio Garden. We decided to try two burger places, so first we drove to Summerlin to try Bachi Burger where we shared the Kiki burger w/side of brussel sprouts. Then we drove to the Strip and shared a Wahlburger with a side of string onion rings. Both were delicious! I could not choose one over the other. That night was the Pahoa HS banquet in the Aloha banquet room in the California Hotel.
Thursday, after Chris met the Kinmores and Paus for breakfast, we checked out and went to get our last massage before returning our rental car and going to the airport. I had a nice chop salad at the terminal restaurant before my flight home.

Christine’s classmates at the banquet.

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2017 December to Las Vegas   Leave a comment

2017 CAFG to Las Vegas
Dec 1-11, 2017

I work part time for Chinen&Arinaga Financial Group in Mililani. The entire staff was treated to Las Vegas for the 25th Anniversary of the Corporation. Gwen and I planned all the fun activities while in Sin City for the 30 participants. But first, I flew to Phoenix to visit the Fulkerson’s in Prescott, AZ. I had fun in downtown Prescott with Derrill and Sandy, enjoying the Christmas lights and gingerbread houses and more. I stayed in their beautiful and huge home, and we visited a neighbor who had a newborn baby donkey. Derrill had a war going on with a gopher that refused to die no matter what Derrill tried! It gave Sandy and me a huge laugh whenever D would check on the gopher every morning.

Derrill, Sandy and Lari

Fulkerson’s house is so huge, you have to walk a mile from one end of the hallway to the other!

Derrill’s war with the nasty gopher.

Then I flew to Vegas and rented a car and first thing I did was go to eyebrow threading and massage. Then I drove to Dannette’s new home, where I stayed for one night. We went to IKEA the next day and a fabulous buffet lunch at M Casino. Then I visited Tiger and Elena before checking in at Orleans Hotel, where the whole CAFG gang was staying.
The next day, we went shopping and prepared for the activities for Friday. On Friday morning, everyone gathered at the Chinen’s suite for explanations for team activities. Orleans has several bowling lanes at their bowling center so in the morning, we went bowling. Then after lunch, 7 teams were assigned for the Scavenger Hunt. Each team had a car and chose which items to accomplish on the long scavenger list, which included the Venetian and the Bellagio Hotels and ending at the Town Square Mall. We celebrated with dinner at Texas de Brazil.

Alan, our CEO, had knee surgery and had to use the scooter. His wife, Flo, is the photo bomber!

Orleans bowling alley

The blue bowling team

The pink bowling team

The green bowling team

Purple scavenger team with a diamond necklace at Tiffany’s.

Blue scavenger hunt team at Victoria Secret

Yellow scavenger team with 3 blonds!

Red scavenger team at Victoria Secret.

Orange scavenger team found a redhead.

The pink scavenger team found the last place to meet.

On Saturday everyone got to select a fun activity: They could stay and gamble, go shopping, get spa treatments, or try Top Golf at the MGM hotel. For dinner we went to Hikari for AYCE for 37 people. At dinner, we announced the winners of the scavenger hunt… very high competition amongst the teams! Fun was had by all. On Sunday we checked out and left for home.

Hikari AYCE for results of the scavenger hunt! Party time!

This was the 4th place team, who had to give hugs to strangers at Hikari. Mike wasn’t happy!


On free choice day, some guys went to Top Golf.

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2017 Denver in September   Leave a comment

2017 Sept. Denver
Sept 25 to Oct 2, 2017

My sister Christine is a new grandma, so I had to visit them in Boulder to see this golden child. Brian and Desmonne Bennett named their son Coen who was born in Dec 2016. So he wasn’t a year old when I first saw him. I took the bus from Denver Airport to Boulder, where Desmonne picked me up. It was very cheap and an easy one-hour ride. I stayed with Desmonne and Brian because Christine and Phil had not returned from their trip to Italy. First things first: I had to eat at Riff’s. The next day, I drove to Westminster to visit Shirley at home. We had a lovely visit before I drove back to Boulder. Christine’s 2 besties, Debra and Leslyn came over for dinner. We had a great time chatting. And of course, Coen was the center of attention!

Grandma Lari meets Coen for the first time!

The Bennetts at their Pearl Street front door.

Debra, Brian and Leslyn: 2 Aunties visit!

On Thursday, I drove to Fort Collins to visit Lynda at her friend’s home and we had breakfast and caught up with each other. Then I drove to Wortman’s and stayed with Tom and Tyke. Their daughter, Lori and her family all came for dinner. We had Tom’s famous meat loaf and Tyke made baked butternut squash –yummers!

Brian and Tom in back. Lori, Tyke and Lari in the middle Audrey and Marshall in front

I visited Robbie Stokoe at his bioengineering lab.

After breakfast on Friday, Tyke and I took their dog Kennadie to the Vet hospital to be checked. Then I drove over to visit Robby Stokoe at his bioengineering lab at CSU. Shirley’s grandson is a grad student there! I knew him since he was a baby! Then I drove back to Boulder.

Coen in Roger’s silk kimono

The whole gang at the Boulder Farmer’s Market on Saturday: Lari, Brian, Desmonne w/Coen, Christine and Phil.

On Saturday, Chris and Phil picked me up and we went to the Boulder Farmer’s Market. Desmonne, Brian walked over with Coen in his stroller. We relaxed in the afternoon. The next day, we had lunch at Riffs then we went shopping.
Monday morning, I caught the bus to Denver Airport to go home.

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June 2015 to NY, VA, MD, LV   4 comments


Roger walking from BnB to Yvette’s apartment in Battery Park City


We took Noakai to the top of Freedom Tower


We had dinner at Miko’s restaurant, Serafina Meatpacking


Roger at Hudner’s home


Sharmaine and I having wine in Severn, MD


Roger with Addie and Collin


Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant in Frederick, MD

IMG_0306 (1)

Matt and Audrey wedding


Dinner with Dennis and Janne Hudner


Las Vegas Waipahu reunion w/ Nani and Reto


4 L’s taiko sisters at UNLV


Taiko class with Tiffany at UNLV


Presenting the latest episode of

“Hawaiians on the East Coast and Vegas”

starring: Lari and Roger

May 27 to June 15, 2015


       We were invited to a wedding in Maryland, so we added on New York City and connected to Vegas for a class reunion making our trip three weeks long. First, we flew to NY to visit Yvette, Erik, Noakai and Marlowe (YENM) for a few days. We stayed at an AirBnB apartment close to their apartment in Battery Park City, right near the World Trade Center. We went to the broadway show “On the Town” and I saw “Kinky Boots”. We watched Noey play little league baseball, just a couple blocks from their apartment. We took Noey to the top of the Freedom Tower the day it opened and saw the awesome views from 104 stories up. We went to the World Science Festival at Greenwich Village, where the kids could do all kinds of hands-on science activities.

We took the Chinatown Bus from New York City to Arlington, VA. It cost $27 each and took 4 hours non-stop. Dennis Hudner picked us up at the bus depot and took us home. We stayed with Janne and Dennis for two nights and they loan us a car for a week. The first night, Janne prepared a nice supper and the second night, they took us to Clarity, a very nice restaurant in their neighborhood. After that we moved to an AirBnB in Hyattsville, MD close to University of MD campus in College Park. From there, we drove up to Laurel to visit and have dinner with cousin Gary and Sally. And the next night, we drove up to Severn to visit and have dinner with cousin Sharmaine, David, Collin and Addison.

I went by myself on the metro into DC one day to Senator Mazie Hirono’s coffee hour and another day to Congressman Mark Takai’s coffee hour. I got to meet other guests at the coffee hours and both the Senator and Congressman shared their goals and committees that they sit on in Congress. I discovered the Postal Museum right next to Union Station, and spent a couple of happy hours there.

Then we drove to Frederick MD staying at another AirBnB so we could attend the wedding of Matt and Audrey Shiomichi. The visit to Frederick, MD was so much fun! It is a small town about an hour NW of DC. We lucked out because they were having an Art Festival, which is held there the first weekend in June. On Friday night, we went to Volt, Top Chef’s Bryan Voltaggio’s signature restaurant. We sat at Table 21, only 8 seats in the kitchen, with 21 courses! It was fabulous and we enjoyed watching the chefs in the kitchen. After dinner, we went to a local bar to join the bride and groom-to-be having drinks with their friends. On Saturday, we spent the whole morning at the Art Festival, then drove out to see two covered bridges and get some fresh ice cream at the South Mountain Creamery dairy farm. Then we got dressed for the wedding and drove to the Stone Manor country club for the elegant and charming wedding and reception. Everyone (except Roger) danced the night away. We all had a grand time! Note: Roger has a difficult time walking, limiting his activities.

We returned to the Hudner’s home in Vienna on Sunday to return the car and the next day, Dennis drove us to the airport and we flew to Las Vegas for Roger’s all-class Waipahu HS reunion. At the California Hotel, we had fun at the hospitality suite talking stories with old and new friends, watched the slot tournament and attended a banquet where everyone gathered for a final dinner. I made sure to get a $20 massage almost every day while in Vegas. Roger and I rode the huge ferris wheel, The High Roller at the Linq before I dropped him off at the airport.

I stayed back for 3 days in Vegas to attend a Taiko Conference at UNLV. It was fabulous! There were hands-on workshops for us to learn techniques and exhibits and sales at the Marketplace and awesome performances at lunchtime and after dinner. My taiko sensei, Kenny Endo was one of the workshop leaders. I made friends with Leslie, Lorin and Lovelle, and we were the 4 Ls. We had so much fun, talking and laughing. After the conference, everyone left, and my flight was late at night, so I spent the evening with friends Danette and Jason, who live in Vegas. We went to massage together and then to dinner at Hikari for AYCE (all-you-can-eat) sashimi and sushi.

I am so happy that we took this last trip together before Roger died a month later.


Lari’s Top Ten:

10 Meeting the 3 L’s at Taiko conference: Leslie, Lorin and Lovelle

9 Enjoying the Art Festival in downtown Frederick, MD

8 Seeing Kinky Boots on Broadway, such a wonderful musical production

7 Taking Noey to the top of the Freedom Tower

6 Seeing friends at the Waipahu HS reunion at the California Hotel in Las Vegas

5 Attending coffee hours at Senator Hirono and Congressman Mark Takai’s offices

4 Matt and Audrey Shiomichi’s wedding

3 Taiko conference at UNLV

2 Visiting with family and friends

1 Table 21 at Volt (Top Chef Bryan Voltagio’s restaurant)


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November 2014 Dubai and NYC   2 comments


Erik, Marlowe, Yvette and Noakai in Battery Park City near the Freedom Tower and Wall Street


Noakai attends Battery Park City School, a short walk from their apartment


Our tour guide, Mounir


Burj Khalif is the tallest building in the world


The view from the 124th floor of the Burj Khalif


Desert Safari wild crazy ride over sand dunes


This is so much fun!


Desert safari camel ride


belly dancer


Camels for sale at the market



Gina took us to lunch at the Marina beach mall


The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi


Our Dubai tour group




Brrrr… it is cold waiting for the parade to start!




Thanksgiving lunch with Yvette and Marlowe


Grandpa Felix and Grandma Gina and some cousins in Brooklyn.

Presenting the latest episode of

“Hawaiians in Dubai”

starring: Lari and Debi

November 14 to 28, 2014


On Facebook, I noticed that one of my friends lived in Dubai and I thought perhaps it would be interesting to go there. Then I saw a discounted Gate1 tour on Travelzoo to Dubai and decided that I would go. I asked 3 people before my friend Debi said yes, she would go with me. Meantime, my daughter Yvette and her family decided to move to NY City from Durham, NC, where they lived for 8 years. So I visited them before my trip to Dubai and everything worked out fine. I went to their apartment in Battery Park City, next to the freedom tower a few days ahead of Debi, and helped Yvette organize and settle into their new apartment. When Debi arrived, we stayed in an Airbnb in Brooklyn and flew out the next day to Dubai.

Dubai is one of 7 emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Our tour group consisted of 19 of us, and our guide, Mounir was very knowledgeable and organized. We had a city tour of Dubai the first day and as we drove around the city, we couldn’t help but admire the amazing modern architecture of the city. We went to the giant aquarium at the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island and then to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalif 124 stories high with a view of the city. We went to the Souk, a marketplace, where we could shop and bargain for jewelry, spices and more.

The next day we had a free morning, so my friend Gina who lives there, picked us up and took us sightseeing to the Marina area, where we had lunch. In the afternoon, we had a special desert safari tour that took us over sand dunes in Toyota Land Cruisers on a rough and crazy ride. We arrived at the camp where we rode a camel, watched the falcons who are trained to hunt, and had a delicious buffet dinner seated around a large stage. Two dancers performed, a man who could spin around for a long time and a belly dancer. After we got back to town, we asked our driver to drop us off at the Dubai Mall where we could watch the dancing waters show, like the Bellagio hotel in Vegas.

On Sunday, our tour took us east into the desert to the oasis city Al Ain. We saw the Sheik museum, Sheik palace, a date farm and a camel farm. The next day, we went to the emirate of Sharja, just north of Dubai, where we learned about the Islamic culture and religion at the museum and shopped at the Blue Souk. Then we went to the hotel to pick up our luggage for our drive to the emirate of Abu Dhabi where we stayed for 2 nights. The next day, we toured the city of Abu Dhabi, where we saw the magnificent Grand Mosque built in 2007. We also visited Sheik Zayed museum and Heritage Village. It was fun making friends with the people in our tour group.

Back in New York after a 15-hour flight, we rested and woke up early on Thanksgiving Day to catch the subway from our BnB to Central Park West to watch the Macy’s parade. It was very cold, so after a half hour, we left to eat breakfast, then to Yvette’s place to have Thanksgiving lunch with them. That night, I visited my adoptive Puerto Rican family at Grandma Gina’s for Thanksgiving dinner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where Yvette lived 10 years ago.

My 6 trip favorites:

-Riding 124 stories to the top of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalif.

-Seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in person for the first time, in the cold and with crowds of people from all over

-Visiting with my friend Gina in Dubai

-Visiting my daughter, Yvette and her family in Battery Park City in Manhattan

-Learning about the Islamic religion and life style was so interesting

-The desert safari wild sand dune ride was the highlight of my trip to Dubai


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Roger & Lari’s 3 Winter Trips   Leave a comment

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Roger & Lari’s Three Winter Trips

We took a trip to Vancouver in November, to Durham in February and to Denver in March. All were off-season with cheap fares to visit friends and family. Roger says why go on so many “little” trips? Why not go on one “big” one? My idea is to rack up miles on cheap fares so we can use our miles on long and expensive trips, like going to Europe and Africa in September, our next “big” trip.

It was rather relaxing to travel this way… no big plans, no “must sees” or touring around. We just go to visit friends and family to hang out, so I didn’t have to do much research. And even Roger claims that it was relaxing for him, not having to drive long distances or visit museums, cathedrals or other touristy things.


Autumn in Stanley Park

We’d been to Vancouver a few times before, and love the city. We stayed at Maple House B&B in Kitsilano, which was very conveniently located. We went to Encore! an improve theater show in Granville Island and to Science World, a fun museum. In Stanley Park, we enjoyed the fall colors and Vancouver Aquarium. We took the ferry to Victoria and enjoyed the Royal Museum and the Parliament, before driving north to Chemainus, a town filled with murals on many of their buildings. We ended up in Nanaimo, where we visited Bill & Diane and Bev & Jan, whom we had met on our Galapagos trip. Bev is the only one of the four who is not working, so she showed us around town and nearby sites.

In Durham, we stayed at Taki Scoville’s home. She has a huge collection of Japanese kimonos, dishes and artifacts. And her back yard has vegetable gardens, fruit trees and chickens. We visited Noaka’s school where he shared us and where I taught the hukilau hula to his classmates. Yvette took us to Nasher Art museum to see Alex Calder’s work, to NC Botanical Garden, to Duke Lemur Center, to the Durham Farmers’ Market and to the Roller Derby in Raleigh. We had so much fun hanging out with Noakai.

Then we drove to Laurel, Maryland to visit cousin Gary and Sally. They are both retired now, so we spent time just hanging out with them and got to see their daughter Kat& her hubby Billy.

After being home for a week, we flew off to Denver to visit my sister Christine in Boulder. We had to check out their new restaurant, Riffs, and it was divine. We ate there 3 times! Everything is delicious! Again, since we had no special plans or things to do we mostly hung out. We did check out the Boulder History Museum, shopped at thrift stores and went to Kirkland Museum in Denver. It was restaurant week in Denver and Boulder, so we got 2 three-course meals for $52.80.

We drove to Ft Collins to visit Tom&Tyke, whom we met on our Croatia tour. Again, we just hung out. But they did take us downtown for lunch and to the Art Museum to see Chihuly blown glass exhibit, which was exquisite. They also took us to Estes Park for an afternoon drive into the mountains.

Our last stop was to stay with Shirley Stokoe in Denver. We mostly stayed home and talked stories with her. We drove downtown one morning to meet Amy Ogawa for breakfast. She is a  pharmacist for Walgreens in Denver. On our last night, we had dinner at Shirley’s son Rick & Jeanne’s lovely home in Northglenn. Sarah and Robbie are both in high school and all grown up from when I last saw them.

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Roger & Lari’s Chicago Trip   Leave a comment


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“Hawaiians in Chicago”

September 13 to 22, 2011

Once again cheap airfares prompted us to go somewhere… this time to return to Chicago after a 25-year absence. There is so much to see and do in the Windy City, that we couldn’t do it all in 9 days. We used the CTA trains and buses to get around while we were there and saved time and money getting around. The weather was nippy at 50’s and 60’s and mostly sunny with light showers for a couple days. We also got the City Pass, which includes 4 museums and Sears Tower at a huge discount.

I used VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) and found a wonderful apartment in the very nice Lincoln Park neighborhood right next to De Paul University and Fullerton stop on the red line. The owner, Fran, was very helpful and suggested some great shows and restaurants in the neighborhood. We had a completely furnished apartment, like a B&B without the breakfast. Our ground floor apartment could sleep five and has a washer dryer, full kitchen, living room, dining room, study, and a full bath. We loved our home away from home, with wifi for my ipad and cable TV for Roger.

We enjoyed the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Art Institute.

Navy Pier was fun1 We rode the huge ferris wheel, took in a play and loved the free Stained Glass display.

With the City Pass, we could bypass the long lines, and our tickets included some extras like the

At the Sears Tower, now renameWillis Tower, at the 103rd floor, they have The Ledge, where you can go out into a glass enclosed deck looking down and around. We also went to Chicago History Museum, which tells about the Great Chicago Fire, and the resulting city plan after the fire. We did the architectural boat ride up the Chicago River where we could see all famous buildings.Imax movie at science/industry, the trained sea mammal show at the aquarium, and headphones at the art museum.

We went to Cellular Field to watch the White Sox play the Tigers and also to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs beat the Brewers. Wrigley Field was built in 1914 and only played day games until 1988 when lights were installed. What is unique about this ballpark is that the houses outside right and left field are taller than the field fence and they have bleachers on top of their houses.

We saw 3 plays. The first one at Shakespeare Theater in Navy Pier, called Murder by Two. One night, we had to rent a car to drive out to Aurora because I bought tickets to My Fair Lady, but didn’t realize that Paramount Theater in Aurora was so far from Chicago. We also loved Million Dollar Quartet, about Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins all at the same place and singing their music. Great rock n roll on our 46th anniversary.

We visited Harpo Studios, Garfield Conservatory, Lincoln Park, Millenium Park with Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate sculpture nicknamed “The Bean”. We went on a boat ride on the Chicago River and saw all the wonderful architecture. We went to Navy Pier and rode the giant ferris wheel and enjoyed the free stained glass museum. We shopped at Trader Joe’s. We had deep dish pizza at Pequod’s, Italian at Mia Francesca and at Rose Angeli’s both near our apartment, and wonderful steaks at Select Cut also nearby. All in all, we had a great time in the Windy City, and highly recommend it to those who have never been there.

Roger’s Top:

9.          I had such delicious meat. A pork chop over an inch thick that you could shred with your fork and it almost melted in your mouth. Plus we had salad and dessert for only $6.50. On this trip, I had steak 3 times. All were excellent but the one at Rose Angeli’s was one pound, dry aged, and just broke the mouth for only $18.00. I’d go back to Chicago just to eat! (Like Japan, Paris, New Orleans and London-NOT!)

8.         Chicago has great museums. Interesting and all, but for me, too big and my mind already has so much knowledge accumulated that I could not take in too much more.

7.         My Fair Lady. You know, “the rain in Spain”. Excellent play in Aurora, 50 miles outside of Chicago and no train, so we had to rent a car.

6.         Museum of Science and Industry. From anatomy to xdqoartuztomy (whatever) for us kids and intelligent adults. Interesting to see how things work. My best museum.

5.         Shedd Aquarium was neat and I liked it better than the museums cuz everything was alive and moving.

4.         Wrigley Field built in 1914 and the Chicago Cubs. They win less than the White Sox but they won. It’s an old field but very comfortable and easy access to all facilities.

3.         White Sox baseball. They don’t win so much, but we saw them winning. They were ahead 5-2 over Detroit Tigers. In the top of the 9th, we figured no sweat, so we left only to find out that they lost in the 10th inning 6-5. What a bummer. At least we never watch them lose.

2.         The CTA bus rides. Why? No need walk.

1.         By far, the L (elevated train) rides. Why? No need walk.

Lari’s Top:

10.  2 baseball games… especially the historic Wrigley Field

9.  All the museums… terrific!

8. The Bean and other public art around the city

7.  Our comfy apartment, so convenient

6.  The convenient CTA system of the L train and bus system.

5.  Theater plays… we saw 3…

4.  The delicious meals we enjoyed mostly right in our neighborhood

3.  The friendly and helpful people who work at CTA and the general public

2.  The Architectural boat ride

1.  The Stained Glass Museum in Navy Pier

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Roger & Lari’s Trip to Michigan   Leave a comment

Presenting the latest episode of

“Hawaiians in Michigan”

starring: Roger and Lari

July 12 to 27, 2010


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Kimmy and Mike invited us to their wedding on Mackinac Island, so we made our flight reservations. But the wedding was cancelled, and we went anyway and stayed at their beautiful, large home in Owosso, in the middle of the state in farm country. We used their home as a base to travel to different cities.

First we drove north to Traverse City, the cherry capital of the world, where we went to a U-pick farm. We picked a few pounds of sweet dark and sweet light cherries @ $2 per pound. Then we cooled off at 2 wineries, Chateau Grand Traverse and Chateau Chantal for some delicious wine tasting. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Apache Trout Grill.


The next day we drove to Charlevoix and Petoskey, beautiful little towns on northern Lake Michigan on our way to Mackinaw City to catch the Star Ferry to Mackinac Island. We got to the island where there are no cars… only horses and bicycles. We walked to the Murray Hotel from the ferry dock and met Kimmy and Mike there. We spent the day talking, eating, drinking and playing miniature golf. The following day, we rode bikes around the island, hung out at the hotel pool and toured the Tower Museum at the Mission Point Resort.

Bicycling around the island

The next two days, we stayed with Kimmy and Mike in their camper at the Mill Creek campground on the shores of Lake Huron in Mackinaw City. We met Kimmy’s parents and sister Char’s family of 3 adopted kids. We played Apples to Apples every night. Roger used the kid’s bike to go to the camp bathroom and shower and I used the toilet in the camper and walked to the showers. The guys went golfing one day and Kim and I took the girls to ziplining at Mill Creek Discovery Center.

From Kimmy’s house, we visited Bronners, the world’s largest Christmas store in Frankenmuth, the State Capitol in Lansing, the fabulous street fair in Ann Arbor (with artist booths) and Motown Museum in Detroit. We had dinner in Detroit’s Greektown and from there, walked to a Tiger’s baseball game at Comerica Park.

On our last day there, we visited Roger’s cousin, Roger Mikeworth and his wife Linda in the lakes district of Oakland County. There are so many lakes, very close together. Roger and Linda’s house is between Cass Lake and Sylvan Lake. We had a nice Italian dinner at Gino’s and drove around the lakes, where we saw fabulous lakefront homes.

Michigan impressions: beautiful farm country, hardly any traffic, so many American-made cars (opposite of Hawaii), $1.00 waffle ice cream cones, reasonable restaurant prices, and many lovely lakes everywhere. We had some great meals in Owosso/Flint area… Famous Dave’s, Eddie O’s, BJ’s and Drew’s.

Roger’s Top:

4. Dollar waffle ice cream cone in Elsie

3. Riding a tandem bike with Lari for 8 miles around Mackinac Island. We didn’t even get half way around the first time we tried 19 years ago.

2. Being able to drive 80 MPH with no traffic and especially not being boxed in by cars going the same speed.

1. Just hanging out in a beautiful house being pampered by the best-looking young couple

Lari’s Top:

5. Tiger’s baseball game in Comerica Park

4. Cherry picking and wine tasting in Traverse City

3. Riding around Mackinac Island on a tandem bike w/Roger

2. Street Art Fair in Ann Arbor

1. Spending time with Kimmy and her family

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Roger & Lari’s Trip to Phoenix/Alburquerque   1 comment

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