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Traveling & Making Connections
Over the past six months, I have been traveling domestically to visit friends and relatives. By staying with them or sharing a meal, I re-connect with loved ones near and far. Before I leave, I make arrangements to visit with different friends and relatives, asking if I could stay with them for a night or two. Then I rent a car and drive from house to house, just spending quality time with them. I don’t want them to go out of their way to entertain me or take me site-seeing in their area. I tell them that I just want to hang out with them in their daily life: chores, errands, soccer games or whatever they are doing, I would just go along with them.

Last October, 2018 I flew to the Bay area, because Hawaiian Airlines had a sale. I visited with Paul and Sigi in Point Richmond and went to a Halloween party with them. Then to Vacaville to stay with the Golden family, who were renovating their house. On to Lafayette to stay with Lovelle, my taiko friend and lastly to Monterrey to stay with my Pahoa HS classmate, Daniel and his wife Toki. (Sad note: I am so glad I spent time with them, because Daniel just died recently.)

Sigi and me at Halloween party

Sigi and Paul in Richmond Point party

Diane & Bronce in their unfinished kitchen in Vacaville

Chad and Cody at home

Lorin, Phil and Lovelle in Lafayette. Lorin and Lovelle are taiko friends.

Toki and Daniel in Monterrey. Daniel just died in May 2019.

In November 2018, I made a last-minute trip to LA, when I learned that Yvette and family would be in Manhattan Beach visiting Joe and Diane Aronesty for Thanksgiving. So I booked a flight and stayed with the Aronesty’s. We got to have dinner with Norway trip friends, Patti and Shunji, who live in Torrance. We also spent a day with Erik’s relatives from San Diego and New Mexico, going bowling and having fun with them. Mostly, we just went to the beach every day.

Diane, Yvette and Marlowe in Manhattan Beach

Thai dinner with Shunji and Patti and the Aronesty family

In January 2019 I flew to Long Beach airport, a new route for Hawaiian Airlines. Patti & Shunji picked me up and took me home to Torrance, where I stayed for 2 days. Then they kindly and generously loan me their car and I drove to Culver City to visit my cousin Ann and her family there! It was my first visit with Annie and her family and I had a blast getting to know her and her kids and grandkids! Then I drove to northern LA, near Glendale, where my childhood friends, Bev and Ethel Jane (AKA Ettie) live. I then drove to Fountain Valley to visit my former student, Richard & Debbi Ross and then to Nancy Bauer’s home in Fullerton. (I forgot to take a photo of the two of us.) She had just lost her husband, Jim, and we shared experiences. I ended up back in Torrance staying with Roger’s high school classmates, Reto and Nani. The next day they dropped me off at Long Beach airport.

Shunji, Patti, me, Sharon and Wenshing having dinner. We met on a tour of Norway in August 2019.

Cousin Annie and hubby Trace in Culver City

Downtown LA with Annie

Bev Nii in LA

Ettie Nii in LA

Debbi and Richard in Fountain Valley

Nancy w/Jim before he passed.

Nani & Reto in Torrance

In March, I flew to Seattle and first stayed with Phil & Jane in Renton. They are Pearl City HS classmates of Yvette. Then on to my cousin’s daughter, Elda in Bellevue. Then I drove to Federal Way to stay with 2 young doctors, Eve and Jenn, who took me to a friend’s birthday party in Bremerton, and to get a Korean massage the next day. I had lunch with Brett Hudner and his girlfriend Lauren. The next day, I met Wendy & Bridgett for lunch in downtown Seattle. Lastly, I stayed with TJ and Pam Bauer who live in a lovely home on Lake Tapps.

Phil & Jane Pearl City HS class of ’84 now live in Renton

Elda in Bellevue

Jennifer me and Eve on ferry to Bremerton

Lauren and Brett at Korean lunch

Wendy & Bridgett used to work for Symetra, now at Strategic Planning Partners in downtown Seattle

Pam and me in their living room. Zander is photo bombing behind me

TJ & me before he left on a business trip.

In April, I flew to NYC to visit with YENM (Yvette, Erik, Noakai, Marlowe). We celebrated Marlowe’s 5th birthday at a bowling alley party. I took a bus trip to Laurel, MD to visit cousin Gary & Sally. Every visit they have their kids and grandkids come for dinner. Then to Severn, MD to visit Sharmaine, David, Colin and Addison. (I forgot to take a photo of the Hornsby family!) Sharmaine is my cousin Brian Kimura’s daughter. I returned to NY and spent another weekend with YENM, going to another birthday party, this time at a Karaoke room in Korea town. Then I stayed with Shari Tamashiro in a nearby hotel. We spent 4 days eating our way around the city, going to art museums, getting massages and seeing 4 broadway shows.

Date with Marlowe to see broadway show.

Marlowe’s bowling birthday party

Matt & Audrey w/Layla, Grandma Sally, w/Quinn sleeping in front, Billy and Kat w/Lily and Grandpa Gary on far right. In Laurel, MD.

Hornsby’s new home in Severn

Sharmaine waiting for bulbs to bloom in spring

East Village crawl: we went to 3 restaurants! Noakai, Marlowe and Grandma Lari

Shari and I enjoying omakase dinner at Tori Shin.

Shari and I at Whitney Museum

We loved the flower show at Macy’s

In June, I flew to Denver to visit my sister Christine and her family in Boulder. The first night, I stayed in Fort Collins with the Wortmans. They always invite their kids to come to dinner whenever I visit and I have watched their grandkids, Marshall and Audrey, grow up through the years. Chris and I flew to Omaha for a 3-day visit with Kaitlin, Shaun, Kaia(3) and Liam(1). Kaitlin is cousin Brian’s youngest daughter, sister of Sharmaine in MD. It was my first time to Omaha, and Kaitlin with her 2 kids, took us to Old Market with cobblestone streets, to the fabulous zoo, to Lauritzen Garden, to Bob Bridge, and more. Back in Boulder, we visited Brian and Desmonne and played with Coen(2), went to the Farmer’s Market, visited Shirley Stokoe in Denver, had dinner at Riffs with Leslie-taiko friend from Denver(no photo), and I helped Chris cook Father’s Day dinner.

Tom and Tyke Wortman, Fort Collins

Audrey, Marshall, Brian and Lori-daughter of Tom and Tyke

Kaia, Kaitlin and Liam at the museum in Omaha

Chris and I on the Bob Bridge over the Missouri River on the state line.

Playing with Coen in his ball pit.

Grandma Chris with Coen

Fathers Day: Phil, Des w/Coen, me, Chris and Brian

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Roger & Lari’s Trip to Michigan   Leave a comment

Presenting the latest episode of

“Hawaiians in Michigan”

starring: Roger and Lari

July 12 to 27, 2010


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Kimmy and Mike invited us to their wedding on Mackinac Island, so we made our flight reservations. But the wedding was cancelled, and we went anyway and stayed at their beautiful, large home in Owosso, in the middle of the state in farm country. We used their home as a base to travel to different cities.

First we drove north to Traverse City, the cherry capital of the world, where we went to a U-pick farm. We picked a few pounds of sweet dark and sweet light cherries @ $2 per pound. Then we cooled off at 2 wineries, Chateau Grand Traverse and Chateau Chantal for some delicious wine tasting. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Apache Trout Grill.


The next day we drove to Charlevoix and Petoskey, beautiful little towns on northern Lake Michigan on our way to Mackinaw City to catch the Star Ferry to Mackinac Island. We got to the island where there are no cars… only horses and bicycles. We walked to the Murray Hotel from the ferry dock and met Kimmy and Mike there. We spent the day talking, eating, drinking and playing miniature golf. The following day, we rode bikes around the island, hung out at the hotel pool and toured the Tower Museum at the Mission Point Resort.

Bicycling around the island

The next two days, we stayed with Kimmy and Mike in their camper at the Mill Creek campground on the shores of Lake Huron in Mackinaw City. We met Kimmy’s parents and sister Char’s family of 3 adopted kids. We played Apples to Apples every night. Roger used the kid’s bike to go to the camp bathroom and shower and I used the toilet in the camper and walked to the showers. The guys went golfing one day and Kim and I took the girls to ziplining at Mill Creek Discovery Center.

From Kimmy’s house, we visited Bronners, the world’s largest Christmas store in Frankenmuth, the State Capitol in Lansing, the fabulous street fair in Ann Arbor (with artist booths) and Motown Museum in Detroit. We had dinner in Detroit’s Greektown and from there, walked to a Tiger’s baseball game at Comerica Park.

On our last day there, we visited Roger’s cousin, Roger Mikeworth and his wife Linda in the lakes district of Oakland County. There are so many lakes, very close together. Roger and Linda’s house is between Cass Lake and Sylvan Lake. We had a nice Italian dinner at Gino’s and drove around the lakes, where we saw fabulous lakefront homes.

Michigan impressions: beautiful farm country, hardly any traffic, so many American-made cars (opposite of Hawaii), $1.00 waffle ice cream cones, reasonable restaurant prices, and many lovely lakes everywhere. We had some great meals in Owosso/Flint area… Famous Dave’s, Eddie O’s, BJ’s and Drew’s.

Roger’s Top:

4. Dollar waffle ice cream cone in Elsie

3. Riding a tandem bike with Lari for 8 miles around Mackinac Island. We didn’t even get half way around the first time we tried 19 years ago.

2. Being able to drive 80 MPH with no traffic and especially not being boxed in by cars going the same speed.

1. Just hanging out in a beautiful house being pampered by the best-looking young couple

Lari’s Top:

5. Tiger’s baseball game in Comerica Park

4. Cherry picking and wine tasting in Traverse City

3. Riding around Mackinac Island on a tandem bike w/Roger

2. Street Art Fair in Ann Arbor

1. Spending time with Kimmy and her family

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